Czechoslovakian People's Army NBC Kit

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70s kit

Complete NBC Czechoslovakian People's Army
NB: Expired item not certified
former endowment (Československá lidová armáda or ČSLA)
Czechoslovak People's Army i
OPCH70 type protective suit
designed for nuclear bacteriological chemical warfare
new from stock
Complete with original two-piece rubber from the Czechoslovakian Army
The overboots have a thick, reinforced, elastic sole.
The rubber itself is thick and difficult to destroy.
the jacket is equipped with a large hood compatible with gas masks.
the suit provides complete NBC protection.
the cover allows protection from chemical and biological contamination, radioactive substances and thermal radiation.
Made of non-flammable double-sided rubberized khaki fabric.
the jacket can be worn individually as a coat or overcoat.
OPCH70 is available in three sizes:
The OPCH70 set includes:
jacket with hood
protective socks
bag for the whole set.